About us

Established in 1924, OTTO JUNKER GmbH is today the parent company and head enterprise of the globally active OTTO JUNKER Group. The OTTO JUNKER Group's core business activity consists in the design, manufacture and sales of metallurgical and thermal equipment. In addition, our Lammersdorf site comprises a high-grade steel foundry for special machine components and is home to our entire group's worldwide after-sales service operations which provide our customers with maintenance, upgrades and functional expansion support.


Managing directors:

Erik Micek, Chairman of the Managing Board (CEO)

Rainer Kiechl (CFO)

Dr. Elmar Westhoff, Managing Director High-grade Steel Foundry (COO)

Your direct contact:

  • Foundry Plants
    +49 2473 601-600
  • Thermoprocessing Plants
    +49 2473 601-600
  • High-grade steel foundry
    +49 2473 601-611