Training Courses & OTTO JUNKER Academy

Advantage through knowledge

Training courses

Specific training of personnel will improve the efficiency of your production process. Minor problems can be resolved by your operating personnel immediately.

Problems due to improper operation of your equipment are reduced. The training programs are tailor-made to suit our customers’ needs. 

Examples of typical training subjects:

  • Theory and layout of converter plants
  • JOKS process visualization system
  • Handling of hydraulic components
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Adjustments, troubleshooting
  • Physical and technical basics
  • Safety devices etc.

"Education is the most important investment in people"

Franz Cornelsen

Safety training by means of Virtual Reality (VR)

A practical training is carried out by means of models, demonstrations, Virtual Reality simulations and testing facilities in line with the motto “by practitioners for practitioners”.

"Training in a safe environment"

Without doubt, rectifying an earth fault is one of the most important tasks of the maintenance personnel in many industrial areas. An earth fault can not only cause major operational malfunctions but also jeopardize the safety of employees. For this reason, we place great importance on training courses which are carried out in a safe environment in order to make sure that your personnel is prepared for a potentially hazardous situation in the best possible way.

Our training includes the use of Virtual Reality (VR), a modern technology, which can simulate realistic situations without causing actual danger. This allows your personnel to get familiar with the challenges of an earth fault in a safe manner. VR can be used to generate realistic training situations to gain practical experience without risk for personnel or equipment. This promotes effective learning and offers the possibility to learn from mistakes.

Our training is carried out by experts with in-depth knowledge in the foundry industry. They make sure that the training is not just informative but also provides practical insights based on real experience.

It is our target to prepare your personnel as well as possible for the challenges in connection with earth faults and other safety-relevant situations. We are proud of offering training courses which take place in a safe environment while at the same time imparting a high level of reality and practical knowledge. For us, the safety of your personnel and the integrity of your operation come first.



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Targets of the OTTO JUNKER Academy

The personal requirements with regard to planning, operation and maintenance of industrial furnaces in metallurgy have changed rapidly over the past couple of years - the processes have become more complex and the design and layout of the equipment more demanding.

In late 2014, we founded the OTTO JUNKER Academy in order to allow employees to meet these new demands with the aim of passing on knowledge and experience in planning and modernization as well as the operation, maintenance and repair of industrial furnaces.

Profitability, reliability, energy efficiency and safety take center stage in these seminars. A practical training is carried out by means of models, demonstrations and test facilities in line with the motto “by practitioners for practitioners”.

The offer of the OTTO JUNKER Academy is addressed to the managers and employees of the manufacturing, maintenance and investment planning departments and includes the further education of existing as well as the induction of new employees.


Practical education

In view of the different requirements and technological differences, we offer our seminars in two different categories, in German and English each.


Foundry equipment – furnaces for melting and pouring and 
Thermoprocessing plants – heat treatment equipment


Our seminars consist of individual modules which can be put together to an individual training program. We give recommendations to the employees of the specialized departments such as investment planning, maintenance and operation which of the individual modules to attend.

The events are organized by OTTO JUNKER GmbH and carried out by our experienced experts. From case to case, we also invite speakers who work in the field or from universities. 

The successful participation in Academy events is confirmed in the form of a certificate.


Foundry equipment subjects

  • Basics of induction melting
    • Physical basics, crucible furnace and channel furnace
    • Function, applications and major components of induction furnace plants
  • State-of-the-art in induction furnace technology
    • Furnace mechanics and hydraulics, crucible push-out, vacuum induction furnaces, water recoolers including heat recovery, charge make-up and charging
  • Converter technology including IGBT technology and energy supply
  • Innovative applications and crucible monitoring technology
  • Refractory lining in crucible and channel induction furnaces
  • Maintenance and repair of an induction furnace plant
  • Energy-efficient melting and charging
  • Risks in connection with liquid melt
  • Improved equipment availability by qualified maintenance
  • Live melting
  • Efficient working with a melting processor
  • Repair training thyristor / IGBT
  • Earth leakage monitoring and crucible breakthrough
  • Troubleshooting on induction furnaces
  • Tour of the factory
  • VR training


Thermoprocessing equipment subjects

  • Basics of heat transfer
  • Flow and heat transfer in convection furnaces
  • Heat treatment processes
  • Product-related equipment technology
    • Rolling mill
    • Pressworks
  • Profitability and efficiency
  • Theoretical basics - natural gas burner
  • Research and development
  • Practical trials on the burner test bench
  • Tour of the factory

Preliminary seminar program

Since 2015, the OTTO JUNKER Academy has organized seminars at our OTTO JUNKER GmbH HQ in Lammersdorf (normally twice a year, i.e. in spring and autumn).

Thermoprocessing equipment seminar (subject to sufficient number of applications)

If interested, you can now apply for attendance in 2024.


Dates for foundry equipment seminars:

15.-17.04.2024 in German

28.-30.10.2024 in English

Participation conditions

Applications will be considered in the order of their arrival. The application deadline is four weeks before the start of the seminar. Please use the application form on our website.

You shall receive the written application confirmation / invoice approx. 14 days before the start of the seminar together with detailed seminar information. Proof of payment is a condition for attendance. You can cancel your application with the costs being returned up to 10 days before the start of the seminar. Substitution of the applicant by somebody else shall be free of charge.


Attendance fees

From 2024 onwards, the seminar fee shall be 299.- Euro per person and seminar, plus VAT as levied by law, irrespective of the number of modules booked. For organizational reasons, a combination of modules from the induction melting equipment and thermoprocessing equipment seminars is not possible.

The attendance fee includes food and drinks throughout the seminar, the seminar documents, the attendance certificate as well as a dinner together.



If you are looking for a hotel room, please find some recommendations below. The costs shall be borne by the attendee and are to be paid upon checking out of the hotel.


Vichter Landhaus -

Michel & Friends Hotel Monschau -

Hotel Horchem in Monschau

Landhotel Kallbach -

Registration: Seminar on foundry equipment

Topics will be:

  • Physical principles of induction melting
  • Furnace mechanics and hydraulics
  • Water recooling systems including heat recovery
  • Charging and charging
  • Inverter technology including IGBT technology and energy supply
  • Innovative applications (e.g. crucible monitoring technology OCP+)
  • Refractory lining in crucible and channelled induction furnaces
    • Maintenance and servicing of an induction furnace system
    • Erdschluss und Tiegeldurchbruch System: Funktion und Training in der virtualisierten MFT-Anlage
    • Otto Junker Visualisations: JOKS, JUMI
    • Safety training using virtual reality (demonstration)
    • Innovations in induction furnace construction
    • Factory tour: Insights into our production and research projects

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      The participation fee per person and seminar is € 299.00 plus VAT, regardless of the number of modules booked. The seminar fee will be invoiced after registration. In the event of no-shows or cancellations within 10 working days before the start of the seminar, the seminar fee will not be refunded.