Cartridge furnaces play a pivotal role in the preheating and homogenization of rolling slabs prior to hot rolling. Renowned for their unparalleled flexibility and optimal efficiency in terms of temperature uniformity, energy demand, and automation, these furnaces prove especially adept at handling small lots and diverse loads featuring various sizes and alloys.

The HiPreQ® Slab Quench system is employed to achieve swift and precise cooling of rolling slabs from their homogenization temperature to the requisite rolling temperature, further enhancing the metallurgical processes involved.

Benefits at a glance:

  • High convection technology for quick heating and cooling

  • Gas or electrically heated

  • Annealing under air or nitrogen/protective gas

  • Flexible with regard to different alloys and slab dimensions

  • Model-controlled oven controls to achieve short cycle times with low energy consumption

The furnaces are arranged in parallel configurations, allowing for shared utilization of handling equipment serving multiple units.

Rolling slabs in all aluminium alloys

Cartridge furnace systems consist of the following main assemblies:

  • Loading roller conveyor
  • Measuring roller conveyor
  • Mobile roller conveyor
  • Charging machine with upender and feeding boogie
  • Furnaces


  • Slab buffering
  • Cooling system

Rapid Slab Cooling HiPreQ® Slab Quench

These systems facilitate the expedited cooling of rolling slabs from their homogenization temperature to the rolling temperature, driven by metallurgical considerations. The reduction in dwell times in pusher furnaces or cartridge furnaces contributes to an increase in overall plant capacity.

An slab quench system consists of the following main components:

  • Transfer roller conveyor from the pusher / cartridge furnace to the slab quench
  • Slab quench
  • Transfer roller conveyor to the soak chamber
  • Soak chamber

Cycle time: 5 min

Temperature uniformity of slabs before hot rolling: ± 10 °C


5,000 - 7,000 mm


1,000 - 2,800 mm


400 - 800 mm

Weight of slab

max. 32 t

Charge weight per Furnace

100 - 200 t


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