Repair and oberhaul

Longevity! We are specialized in the repair and overhaul of many parts of our furnace plants.

In many cases, a professional repair or general overhaul of individual sub-assemblies can restore the performance of the equipment over a long period of time.

Our expertise in the workmanlike repair and general overhaul of equipment components can restore the performance of your equipment over a long period of time. We understand the importance of a smooth and efficient operation for your company and are specialized in giving you comprehensive advice and carrying out the necessary repair and general overhaul work quickly and with the highest quality.

We offer on-site situation audits and expertly support you in selecting the required spare parts.

Our repair service covers a wide range of components for foundry equipment


  • Induction furnace coils: We offer repairs and general overhauls for induction furnace coils in order to optimize their performance and efficiency.
  • Coil assemblies: Our experts are specialized in repairing damaged or worn-out coil assemblies and in extending their service lives.
  • Inductors: We overhaul inductors in order to make sure that they are in proper condition and work at their optimum performance.



  • Furnace cradles and yokes: Our service covers repairs and general overhauls for furnace cradles and yokes, in order to ensure the reliability and safety of your plant.
  • Transformers and reactors: We look after transformers and reactors in order to ensure their efficiency and longevity.
  • Water-cooled power cables: We offer repair solutions for our water-cooled power cables in order to ensure continuous power supply.
  • Electronic cards etc.: Our service also covers the repair and general overhaul of electronic cards and other electronic components.

For the thermoprocessing equipment field, we also offer extensive repair services for various equipment components:

  • Fans and impellers: We make sure that your fans work smoothly and efficiently.
  • Radiant tubes: Our experts overhaul radiant tubes in order to improve their performance and service life.
  • Electrical heating: We ensure the proper functioning of your electrical heating systems.
  • Coil assemblies for induction billet heaters: We offer repairs and general overhauls for induction billet heater coil assemblies in order to ensure top quality billet heating.
  • Converter cards etc.: Our service also covers converter cards and other electronic components in thermoprocessing equipment.

Our expert teams support you in making sure that your equipment runs smoothly and that you achieve your production targets. We are your trustworthy partner for high quality repairs and overhauls in the industry.


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