Pit furnaces and chain conveyor furnaces are employed for the preheating and homogenization of rolling slabs before hot rolling. Pit furnaces, in particular, offer exceptional operating flexibility, catering to small product lots and accommodating various slab sizes and alloys.

The Slab Quench HiPreQ® is a pivotal component utilized to achieve the rapid cooling of rolling slabs from the homogenization temperature to the rolling temperature, ensuring precision in the metallurgical processes involved.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Small batch size

  • High flexibility

  • Cooling device

Pit furnaces are designed for the direct preheating or homogenization of ingots, with an appropriate cooling system installed for this purpose. This cooling system is capable of realizing a defined cooling ramp.

With optimized flow guidance derived from years of experience, simulations, and measurements, optimal temperature uniformity of the material is achieved.

Pit furnaces can be operated with great flexibility for small batch sizes, varying ingot dimensions, and different alloys.

Each furnace chamber is divided into individual furnace zones and is individually controllable.

  • The furnace chambers are usually loaded by a slab crane.
  • Designed for preheating or homogenizing of slabs
  • Matching cooling system delivers a defined cooling ramp

Rapid Slab Cooling HiPreQ® Slab Quench

These systems are used for fastest possible cooling down rolling slabs from their homogenization temperature to the rolling temperature for metallurgical reasons. By reducing dwell times in the pusher furnace or cartridge furnace, they can increase plant capacity.

An slab quench system consists of the following main components:

  • Transfer roller conveyor from the pusher / cartridge furnace to the slab quench
  • Slab quench
  • Transfer roller conveyor to the soak chamber
  • Soak chamber

Cycle time for cooling the ingots: 5 minutes

Temperature uniformity of the ingots before hot rolling: ± 10°C


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