Convection Heater: An advanced heating solution, especially crucial when precise temperature tolerances or exceptionally low energy costs are imperative. The delicate heating of billets is exclusively executed through a high-velocity fluid flow directed onto the metal via specialized nozzle systems, commonly referred to as "jet heating."

Induction Heater: A versatile heating system, the induction heater operates in a "lot size 1" mode, enabling the operator to establish any desired temperature profile, known as a "taper," throughout the length of the billet. This capability facilitates an isothermal extrusion process.

Benefits at a glance:

  • High flexibility

  • Energy saving

  • HiPreQ® - quenching systems

  • High energy efficiency


The JunkerDynamicHeater® represents a flexible induction heating solution. Operating in 'lot size 1' mode, it empowers operators to establish a precise temperature profile, referred to as the "taper," across the length of the billet for an isothermal extrusion process. This individualized heating approach enables the implementation of billet-to-billet temperature or length variations without compromising the exceptionally close temperature tolerance. Central to this technology is Otto Junker's custom-designed induction coil, complemented by the IGBT frequency converter – a core component offering numerous parameter variation options (power, frequency). Optional equipment, such as transformers or water recooling systems, can be integrated into the system.

Key features:

  • Ceramic melt protection tube reduces energy demand.
  • OTTO JUNKER billet trough conveyor system prevents scratches and scoring on the billet surface and eliminates aluminium build-up in the coil.
  • The “blind heating sequence“ increases the thermocouple maintenance interval by a factor of 2.
  • IGBT converter and coil, as core components, are built in-house and tested/adjusted before shipment.

HiPreQ® - quenching systems

In the realm of specialized aluminum alloys, precise cooling of the metal before and/or after the extrusion process is essential to impart specific metallurgical properties. Addressing this need, OTTO JUNKER introduces the HiPreQ® high-performance cooling systems for billets and extruded profiles. These systems enable users to apply reproducible, accurately controlled cooling rates, surpassing conventional equipment in precision control capabilities.

Key feaatures:

  • Metallurgical effects permit a substantial increase in extrusion speed and optimize the metal quality
  • Separate control zones for an accurate temperature profile
  • Cooling programs can be created and executed in a reproducible manner (“teach-in“)
  • Steplessly variable cooling output
  • Closed water circuit for low operating cost and eco-friendly operation


Magazines are integral for storing billets or logs in the production process. OTTO JUNKER's magazines not only facilitate tracking, recording, and archiving of all production data but also come equipped with material data management capabilities. The system allows for manual or automatic input of production data, ensuring seamless adjustment of setpoints (temperatures, lengths, etc.) across relevant equipment throughout the process.

Handling equipment

Efficient conveyor systems are essential for the swift and damage-free movement of billets and logs from the magazine to the extrusion press. OTTO JUNKER offers a modular system with diverse standardized functions, including V-trough handling systems, roller conveyors, and gripper handling systems.

Hot saw

Our developed hot saws exhibit a high-precision capability for severing billets into logs immediately upon exiting the furnace.

The optional "park cut system" serves to minimize waste effectively: Two short residual logs are collectively conveyed into the induction furnace, facilitating the extrusion press to process them as a singular billet.

Each saw is outfitted with a movable fixed stop and clamping systems, guaranteeing precise adherence to the specified cut lengths. Simultaneously, chips are meticulously extracted and compacted utilizing a briquetting press.

Billet or log washer

We supply high-pressure cleaning systems designed for the meticulous cleaning of strands and billets. The closed-loop water circulation, coupled with an integrated filtration system, exemplifies our commitment to environmental stewardship.



150 - 600 mm


6 - 24 inch


600 - 7.200 mm


400 - 3.600 kW


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