The production of premium castings on automated molding lines demands precise control over the filling of sand molds. Pressurized casting facilities equipped with plug control and casting control systems stand out as the optimal solution for this intricate task.

The OTTO JUNKER casting furnace is comprised of a vessel pressurized with either air or inert gas, featuring siphons at the inlet and outlet, along with a plug casting device. A highly efficient flanged channel inductor maintains the temperature of the melt. Power is delivered consistently, exhibiting a constant power factor (cos phi = 0.99) through an IGBT converter. For specialized applications and materials, we offer the furnace with an alternative crucible inductor.

Benefits at a glance:

  • High Quality and Minimal scrap through consistent casting temperature and precise slag-free dosing

  • Continuous casting even during filling process

  • Reduction of recycled material through precise casting control

  • Increased production through optimal utilization of the molding system

  • Cost savings through complete emptying

  • Decoupling casting from melting

  • Reduction of labor costs through automated casting

The OTTO JUNKER casting furnace, designed with precision and efficiency, comprises a robust cylindrical vessel featuring replaceable flanged siphons at the inlet and outlet. Employing the stopper-nozzle principle, this furnace is pressurized to maintain a consistent hydrostatic melt level above the pouring nozzle.

The easily interchangeable inductor, either flanged to the bottom or mounted laterally, ensures adaptability to specific casting requirements. The inlet and outlet configurations can be customized at angles of +/- 90° or 180°, offering flexibility in design.

For efficient emptying, the hydraulically tiltable vessel around the inlet is mounted on a double chassis, allowing precise longitudinal and transverse movement for accurate positioning over mold pouring funnels.

Pressurized with dried air or protective gas, the melt ascends through the pouring siphon to the pouring nozzle, with the stopper securely closed. Bath level regulation in the pouring is achieved through a float system or non-contact laser measurement. Additional safety electrodes vent the system in the event of an excessively high bath level.

The casting speed is finely tuned by adjusting the lifting height of the stopper during the casting process.

The choice between a pneumatic or electric linear drive for the stopper ensures fail-safe operation, with both mechanisms closing due to the weight of the stopper in the event of a power failure.

For direct injection into the casting stream, the Optistream injection device is available, seamlessly integrated into the JuMI Pour control system.

Reproducible Quality:

Achieve precise and consistent mold filling through optional camera-assisted or Belycast camera control, both equipped with a Teach-In function.

Increased Production Efficiency:

Maintain a continuous casting process, optimizing the height of the melt above the pouring nozzle even during furnace filling.

Versatility for Ductile Iron Casting:

Easily cleanable inlet, outlet, and bottom inductor make the casting furnace suitable for ductile iron casting applications.

Digitalization with JuMI Pour and Belycast:

Benefit from the JuMI system's comprehensive process optimization, real-time monitoring, and seamless data integration capabilities, including support for online operations and compatibility with higher-level systems through features like the OPC UA interface.

typical application

Casting of metals on automatic molding lines


Channel-type induction furnace

furnace type

pressure-discharge through stopper pouring device


1.5 - 40 t (related to iron)

electrical power

100 kW - 1,200 kW

metal extraction

continuously cycling

stopper control

Teach-in and optical control via camera or laser


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