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  • Coreless induction furnace

    Induction melting technology enables the efficient, CO2-neutral melting of metals with the shortest melting times and selectively controllable movement of the liquid melt.

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  • Pressurized pouring furnace

    This pressurized pouring furnace, equipped with a rod-and-nozzle stopper assembly, is perfectly suited for automatic sand casting lines where it ensures precise and virtually slag-free pouring.

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  • Channel type holding furnace

    These channel-type furnaces are highly efficient holding units for large quantities of molten metal. They can be used to decouple the casting and melting processes and provide operators the flexibility to maximize the use of off-peak electricity.

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  • Furnace for melting, holding, casting

    OTTO JUNKER, incorporating the brand name THERMCON, is a recognized entity in the domain of industrial furnace and plant construction. Distinguished as a global leader, the company specializes in the provision of advanced aluminum foundry technology, underscoring its prominence in the industry.

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  • INDUGA Induction Furnaces

    The subsidiary of OTTO JUNKER GmbH specializes in Channel melting furnaces, holding and casting furnaces for copper alloys and aluminum, automatic tilting casting device PUMA, steel strip coating furnaces, Plasma heating for ladles and casting tundishes.

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  • Billet Heaters

    Adaptable and energy-efficient billet heating systems designed for press shops, storage facilities, saws, bolt quenching, and handling equipment.

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  • Pusher type furnace for pre-heating and homogenizing

    Pusher furnace systems excel in energy efficiency and flow management, making them ideal for preheating and homogenizing milled slabs before the hot rolling process.

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  • Cartridge furnace for pre-heating and homogenizing

    Cartridge furnaces are used to preheat and homogenize rolling slabs prior to hot rolling.

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  • Chamber type furnace for homogenization

    Chamber furnaces for homogenizing and stress-relieving rolling slabs are used in producing hard alloys of the 2xxx and 7xxx series, especially for aerospace applications.

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  • Soaking pit furnace for pre-heating and homogenizing

    Pit furnaces are designed to provide direct reheating or homogenizing of their slab charge.

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  • Continuous homogenizing furnace

    To achieve high throughput capacities, continuous furnaces are employed for the homogenization of bars.

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  • Horizontal heat treatment line

    Heat treatment lines for aluminum plates are precision-manufactured in strict adherence to aerospace industry specifications, specifically meeting the rigorous standards set by AMS 2750 E and AMS 2772 C for the heat treatment of aluminum alloys.

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  • Strip flotation furnace for heat treatment of Aluminium strip

    Strip flotation lines are used for the continuous horizontal heat treatment of aluminium strip for the aerospace and automotive industry.

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  • Jet heated Chamber type furnace and cooling chamber

    Strip coil furnaces are used in intermediate and final annealing as well as tempering of aluminium strip coils in various alloys and dimensions.

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  • Massflow Chamber type furnace and cooling chamber

    Chamber furnaces for heat treatment of aluminum foil coils are used for degreasing and annealing of foil coils of different thicknesses.

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  • Solution heat treatment plant

    This type of furnace is specifically designed for solution annealing, quenching and artificial aging of wheels made of cast aluminum.

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  • Roller hearth furnace for tube, Brass rod, wire, profile

    OTTO JUNKER roller hearth furnaces operate on the proven principle of high convection.

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  • Strip processing line, Annealing and Pickling line with horizontal flotation furnace

    OTTO JUNKER strip treatment lines for degreasing, annealing, and pickling cover the entire product- and alloy range

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  • Strip processing line, Annealing and Pickling line with vertical annealing furnace

    Vertical furnace systems are used when dealing with large strip thicknesses or a high hydrogen content in the protective gas.

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  • Degreasing and Pickling lines, finish-brushing and passivation

    The "degreasing" process holds a crucial role in ensuring the quality of the annealed strip. Even slight traces of oil or emulsion on the strip surface can cause undesirable discoloration, leading to a loss in quality.

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  • Hot Dip Tinning line

    Since 1989, OTTO JUNKER has been a global leader in the design, development, and installation of hot-dip tinning systems, with a specific emphasis on serving the international connector market.

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  • Flotation dryer for coated silicon steel strip

    The system is integrated into an ACL (Annealing and Coating Line) and is designed for the continuous and horizontal operation of drying painted electrical steel strips.

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  • Scrap Recycling

    Aluminum recycling is the future. However, the recycling process entails CO2-intensive procedures. Achieving a carbon-free circular economy requires the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions for the recycling process.

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  • Battery recycling furnace

    The most advanced recycling processes for batteries from electromobility necessitate thermal procedures. Otto Junker provides solutions for treating entire battery modules as well as intermediate products in the recycling process.

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  • Power to Heat Energy storage

    Otto Junker designs highly efficient Power-to-Heat systems for the direct utilization of green energy. In the industrial sector, 60% of the deployed primary energy is converted into heat.

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