OTTO JUNKER specializes in the construction of high-efficiency Power-to-Heat systems for the direct deployment of green energy. Within the industrial landscape, where 60% of primary energy is converted into heat, the decarbonization of industrial heat stands as a pivotal element in the energy transition. The potential applications of electric resistance heating in this context are virtually boundless.

Benefits at a glance:

  • thermal storage

  • decarbonization

  • patented temperature measurement technology

The optimal method for heat generation is through electric resistance heating, boasting an impressive 98% efficiency, capable of electrifying processes up to 1200 °C.

A particularly economically and ecologically valuable application is the loading of thermal energy storage. For industries with a heat demand, thermal storage stands out as the most cost-effective solution, leveraging low-price periods in the power grid.

Both power and temperature are customizable, and thanks to the modular system, loading capacity and storage capacity are virtually unlimited.

Otto Junker's patented temperature measurement technology facilitates high-temperature thermal energy storage. Minimal reaction time allows for quick response to favorable electricity prices within minutes, enabling a cost-effective energy supply even during periods of escalating energy prices.


0,1 bis 5 MW


98 %

Gastemperatur Ausgang

200 bis 1200 °C

Gastemperatur Eingang

20 bis 800 °C

Massenstrom Gas

0,1 bis 20 kg/s


240 bis 1000 V


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