AT OTTO JUNKER, we meticulously manage the entire spectrum of activities involved in the development, design, and in-house fabrication of every component vital to copper strip systems. Our commitment to a modular design approach underscores both adaptability and precision, allowing for the meticulous customization of individual modules to precisely align with the exacting production requirements of our esteemed clientele.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Specialist company according to §62, §63 WHG

  • Long service life thanks to acid-resistant stainless steel housing

  • Consumption-optimized processes through cascade operation


Prior to the thermal treatment in the furnace, it is imperative to cleanse the strips of residual rolling oil or emulsion from the preceding rolling process. This process, referred to as "deg reasing," holds paramount significance for the quality of the annealed strip. Even minimal oil or emulsion residues on the strip surface can result in undesirable surface discoloration and consequential compromises in quality.

Modular Plant Technology

Leveraging a modular system of diverse plant facilities, OTTO JUNKER possesses the capability to intricately tailor both the degreasing and pickling processes to the specific requirements of customer-centric strip production:

  • High-pressure spray chambers
  • Squeeze rollers with different rubber and fleece coverings
  • Lightweight degreasing brush machines
  • Heavy-duty brush machines with dual-sided bearings
  • Spray chambers for cold and hot rinsing
  • High-pressure edge blow-off
  • Weld seam blow-off
  • Hot air dryers
  • Consumption-optimized processes through cascade operation
  • Long lifespan due to acid-resistant stainless steel housings
  • Specialized operation according to §62, §63 WHG (Water Resources Act)

Pickling and Passivation

Post the annealing process, the strip undergoes pickling to eliminate any extant oxide layers on the surface. OTTO JUNKER provides both flood and spray pickling options, customizable based on individual customer preferences. Subsequent finish brush machines, equipped with brush coverings tailored to each product, produce a bespoke surface finish. To forestall the rapid oxidation of the bare strip, a passivation and drying phase is implemented within a spray chamber before the material is rewound into coils..

Brush Machines for Degreasing and Final/Finish Treatment

OTTO JUNKER's in-house development, design, and manufacturing encompass all components for copper strip systems. The modular architecture permits the assembly of individual modules in alignment with the precise production requirements of discerning customers. Specialized brush machines dedicated to degreasing, along with heavy-duty iterations for strip finishing, feature a brush quick-change system and an automatic pressure control mechanism, compensating for brush wear. A notable advantage is the vibration-free brush operation, achieved without the need for bulky balancing masses.

Strip Joining Devices

OTTO JUNKER provides the optimal connection for every strip spectrum.

Stitcher machine

  • For large strip thicknesses up to 4 mm
  • For high strip tensions
  • Additional wire connection for double security
  • Easy operation
  • Low maintenance

Eyelet machine

  • Especially for thin strips
  • Strip thickness from 0.05 to approximately 1.2 mm
  • Gentle on the rollers
  • Low media carryover
  • Very simple and short connection process

Coil Handling Systems

In facilitating a continuous production process marked by high throughputs, coil handling assumes pivotal significance. OTTO JUNKER delivers proprietary reel assembly units, ensuring minimal downtime during coil changes:

  • Loading with coil lift truck
  • Reel spindles for mandrels and/or with clamping slot
  • Fully automatic mandrel loading
  • Automatic winding with strap wrapper
  • Paper winder
  • Turnaround reels
  • Strip storage towers with cable pulls
  • Shears
  • Stitch point tracking

Automation Technology

Reliability and user-friendly operation constitute prerequisites for achieving high product quality at maximal throughput. OTTO JUNKER's systems derive substantial benefits from decades of commissioning expertise, a wealth of which is reflected in the software, hardware, and automation technology integrated into each new plant.

  • Visual aids in schematic representations offer real-time insights into the production process and the functionality of plant components.
  • Continuous data recording facilitates comprehensive quality monitoring.
  • Seamless integration into overarching IT systems (Level 3).

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strip thickness - stitching machine

up to 4 mm

strip thickness - eyelet machine

0.05 mm up to approx. 1.2 mm


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