Since 1989, OTTO JUNKER has been dedicated to the worldwide development and installation of hot-dip tinning systems, with a particular focus on meeting the demands of the international connector market.

Benefits at a glance:


    • Formation of an intermetallic phase between tin and copper-based alloy strip without an additional REFLOW process
    • Recommended process for reducing whisker formation according to iNEMI Recommendations, 12-1-06
    • Use of tin alloys possible
    • Low energy consumption
    • Wide range of layer thicknesses
    • Suitable for layer thicknesses greater than 3-4 μm
    • Lower pore formation compared to electrolytic tinning
    • Complete plant technology from a single source

    Additional Equipment:

    • REFLOW ovens for electrolytic tinning plants

    Process engineering

    Basic research can be conducted on a pilot tinning plant at the OTTO JUNKER Technology Center. In addition to process considerations, fluid dynamics, and thermal studies can be carried out. If necessary, we can customize the plant to address your specific requirements.

    Layer thicknesses

    3 - 4 µm


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