Modernizations and modifications

Your equipment has got potential

Our OTTO JUNKER Service Team is specialized in carrying out modernizations and modifications of older plants in order to make sure that you always have an ultramodern plant at your disposal in your production process.

The modernization and extension of existing furnace plants offer major opportunities in order to increase your efficiency. This approach offers potential for energy saving, increased performance, improved operational safety and reduction of downtimes. Compared to buying new equipment, the costs are considerably lower and the installation times shorter. It therefore makes sense to check this option thoroughly. Solid technology combined with proper maintenance and our reliable service are the key to a permanently successful operation of your equipment.

Modernisierung bestehender Anlagen

We offer you a wide range of services for the modernization of existing equipment.


  • Advice and decision making: Our experts support you in finding the best modernization options.
  • Condition assessment: We carry out an extensive analysis of your plant, including downtimes and availability of spare parts.
  • Modernization proposals: Based on our analysis, we submit concrete proposals for the modernization of your equipment.
  • Procurement of sub-assemblies: We provide the required new sub-assemblies for carrying out the modernization.
  • Planning and installation: Our experienced teams take care of the planning and organization of the modernization measures.
  • Commissioning and performance test: Following the modernization, we take care of a smooth commissioning of your equipment and carry out performance tests.

Examples of modernization projects in foundry equipment:

  • Modernization of control systems
  • Increased capacity of melting furnace
  • Retrofitting of OCP+
  • Replacement of electrical control cubicles
  • Performance increase
  • Modification from mains-frequency to medium-frequency plants etc.

Our modernization solutions for thermoprocessing equipment include:

  • Control system modernizations
    • Converter (power and control sections)
    • Thyristor to IGBT
    • Individual circuit monitoring
  • Retrofitting of "BILLET pilot" - mathematical model
  • Change from gas-firing to electric heating
  • Replacement of electric control cubicles
  • Furnace modifications such as process optimizations and burner modifications
  • Upgrade to JuMI
  • Modifications by using new concepts e.g.
    • Modification of roller track on gas-fired rapid heater
    • Installation of new inner casing of state-of-the-art technology in older equipment
  • Safety-relevant modernizations, e.g. gas control trains etc.
  • Extensions for degreasing, pickling, passivation and tube purging on roller hearth furnaces etc.




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