Manufacturer of high-grade castings as well as equipment for the foundry and semi-finished product industries


Dear customers, dear business partners,

After several months since the outbreak of the Corona virus, we would like to update you on the latest developments.

The health of our employees is still a top priority so that we can keep our business operations running smoothly and continue to be available for you when you need us.

We are monitoring the situation closely and following the notifications and recommendations issued by the German government and the Robert Koch Institute in Germany.  Even though measures have been relaxed in most countries, Otto Junker is still acting extremely cautiously and adapting to any change in the circumstances.

You can still reach your usual contacts by phone or e-mail and some people via Skype and MS Teams.

If you have difficulties in reaching your contact, please try to contact us for general matters

  • in plant engineering (melting and thermoprocessing plants)  via and
  • for matters in stainless steel casting via
  • or by phone at our headquarters +49 2473 601 - 0,

and for urgent matters

  • via or
  • by phone on our 24-hour hotline +49 172 8031980

We are keeping an eye on developments and will inform you as soon as there are any changes.

Stay healthy and confident - we count on you!

Your OTTO JUNKER team / February 22, 2021

High-grade steel foundry

OTTO JUNKER GmbH's high-grade steel foundry produces high-alloy sand castings from iron, nickel and cobalt-based materials - as cast, pre-machined or finished - with gross weights ranging from a few kilograms to a maximum of 10,000 kg.

Our cast high-grade steel products find their uses in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, foodstuffs processing, environmental engineering, power generation, marine technology, semi-conductor production, research and development, and many other demanding applications.

Our high-grade steel foundry also offers toll machining services, particularly for the CNC vertical lathes.


Induction melting furnaces

The business unit induction melting furnaces constructs, produces and installs

  • crucible melting furnaces (medium-frequency),
  • channel-type melting-, holding- and casting furnaces,
  • casting plants

for the metals iron, steel, copper, aluminium, magnesium, silicon and zinc.

Our customers are foundries all over the world, which supply the following markets:

  • the general engineering
  • the wind power industry and the solar power industry
  • the automotive industry and
  • the copper- and aluminium-semi-finished industry

Thermoprocessing plants

The "thermoprocessing"business unit designs, manufactures and installs equipment for customers in the aluminium and copper industries,mainly for:

  • Rolling mills (slab, plate, sheet, strip, foil manufacturers)
  • Extrusion plants (billet, rod,tube, profile manufacturers)
  • Casting shops
  • Forgingplants
  • Aluminium casthouses


In these industries the following OTTO JUNKER products are mainly used:

  • Preheat and homogenizing furnaces - batch/continuous
  • Annealing, heat treatment and ageing furnaces - batch/continuous
  • Degreasing, annealing and pickling lines
  • Hot diptinninglines
  • Gas-fired melting and pouring furnaces for aluminium casthouses           

Your direct contact:

  • Foundry Plants
    +49 2473 601-600
  • Thermoprocessing Plants
    +49 2473 601-600
  • High-grade steel foundry
    +49 2473 601-611