With a track record of over 400 installations worldwide, OTTO JUNKER stands as the premier provider of continuous treatment lines for copper and its alloys, including brass and bronze. These systems encompass processes like degreasing, annealing, and pickling, demonstrating OTTO JUNKER's leadership in delivering comprehensive solutions for the treatment of copper-based materials.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Furnaces with protective gas atmosphere and hydrogen operation

  • Excellent temperature uniformity across the entire strip width

  • Reproducible production results

  • continious operation

  • Furnace bypass for exclusive degreasing and pickling operation

Vertical furnace systems play a crucial role, especially for handling large strip thicknesses or when a high hydrogen content in protective gas is a consideration. OTTO JUNKER excels as an innovative partner in the modernization of existing vertical furnaces, offering comprehensive solutions, providing not only the furnace—the core component—but also all associated elements, ensuring a holistic approach to system development and manufacturing.

Key components include:

  • Coilers with coil cars, belt wrappers, and automatic sleeve loading
  • Shears
  • Strip joining systems
  • Cleaning and degreasing stages
  • Brushing machines for cleaning and surface treatment
  • Flood or spray pickling
  • Passivation chambers
  • Strip storage towers
  • Vertical furnaces up to 1000°C, gas or electrically heated
  • Protective gas operation "HN lean" and "HN rich" with up to 100% hydrogen

This comprehensive approach ensures that customers receive a system precisely tailored to their individual product range. In-house development and design guarantee precise harmony among the system's individual components, contributing to improved product quality.

Global references confirm that significant performance improvements are possible with new OTTO JUNKER technology, both in existing installations and in third-party equipment.

Automation Technology

Reliability and ease of operation are essential for high product quality at maximum throughputs. OTTO JUNKER systems benefit from decades of commissioning experience, which is taken into account in software, hardware, and automation technology of each new system.

  • Schematic images in visualization provide information about the production process and the function of system components at any time.
  • Continuous recording of process data for quality monitoring.
  • Integration into higher-level IT systems (Level 3).

strip thickness

0.03 - 4 mm

strip width

300 - 1,300 mm


up to 1,000°C

strip speeds

up to 120 m/min


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