Aluminum recycling is the future. However, the recycling process involves CO2-intensive procedures. Only with green solutions for the recycling process can a carbon-free circular economy become a reality. Otto Junker already provides an electrified and thus decarbonizable recycling route today.

Benefits at a glance:

  • For new construction and modernization

  • Completely CO2-free when using electricity from renewable sources

Approximately 70% of emissions originate from the melting process, and Otto Junker addresses this challenge through two distinctive solutions.

The first solution is tailored for Greenfield projects and involves the utilization of an inductive crucible furnace as the primary melting unit. Specifically designed for aluminum applications, a high-capacity jumbo melting furnace, capable of handling 70 tons of aluminum, has been developed. The implementation of a stirring mechanism ensures the direct incorporation of charged scrap, minimizing metal loss attributed to oxidation.

Organic material removal is efficiently executed in Otto Junker's rotary kiln. Leveraging a well-established rotary kiln principle, the process has undergone extensive optimization in a prolonged development project. The outcome is a configuration of optimal parameters that ensures the comprehensive removal of organic materials while mitigating metal oxidation.

The key advantage lies in the synergy between the rotary kiln and the induction furnace. Transporting preheated aluminum from the rotary kiln to the induction furnace results in a remarkable 35% energy savings.

The second solution, known as the Liquid-Metal-Flow-Heater, entails situating an inductive melting furnace adjacent to an existing gas-heated facility. Otto Junker's electromagnetic pump facilitates the conveyance of liquid aluminum from the main chamber to the induction furnace, where it undergoes a superheating process in a continuous fashion. This patented system presents the capability to electrify gas-heated single-chamber or multiple-chamber melting furnaces.


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