Dependable spare parts service and expertise for OTTO JUNKER plants

Dependability! We can supply common spare parts from our large spare parts warehouse within 24 hours.

It is our top priority to make sure that your OTTO JUNKER plant works perfectly all the time. This does not only include high quality components with a long service life but also an efficient spare parts management, which means that, in emergency cases, spare parts can be provided very quickly. 

Quick replacement in emergency cases: In case of a failure or if a spare part is required, you can rely on our quick response. We have a wide range of common spare parts on stock which can be shipped or picked up within just 24 hours. In urgent emergency cases, we can also deliver to you by express in order to keep downtimes to a minimum.

Quality and long service life: We only use high quality components with a long service life in order to make sure that your furnace plant achieves a consistently high performance. For us, quality is not an option but an obligation.

For older OTTO JUNKER furnace plants: Even if you use an older OTTO JUNKER plant, you can rely on us. We keep extensive archives with drawings and specifications of almost every part. Should a spare part be discontinued, our service experts will make every effort in order to find an alternative or even offer a modification. We want to make sure that your furnace plant always represents state-of-the-art technology and continues to achieve the best possible results. 

We focus our efforts on your satisfaction and the smooth functioning of your OTTO JUNKER plant. We are your trustworthy partner for spare parts and service. You can rely on us to respond quickly in emergency situations and to make sure that your production continues as smoothly as possible.

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