Strip coil furnaces are employed for the intermediate and final annealing, as well as tempering, of aluminum strip coils in diverse alloys and dimensions. The heat treatment process involves treating strip coils both with and without sleeves on special annealing racks, ensuring a gentle and precise treatment of the material.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Short heating and cooling cycles

  • High throughput

  • Temperature uniformity conforming to CQI9 and AMS specifications

  • Low consumption

  • Model-based control of the furnace energy input systems to minimize cycle times and energy demand

The heat treatment process is typically conducted in a protective gas atmosphere to prevent discolorations, residual oil cracking, or strip oxidation. However, it can also be carried out under air conditions.

Strip coil furnaces are designed as single- or multi-coil units, with the loading method varying based on the furnace type. Coils can be horizontally charged using a charging machine or vertically charged through a scissor lift table in the case of elevator furnaces.

Strip coil annealers consist of the following main assemblies:

  • Furnace
  • Heating – gas based or electrical
  • Mathematical model


  • Preheating of protective gas and purge gas
  • Protective atmosphere recooling system
  • Charging machine
  • Loading and unloading stations
  • Cooling chambers


max. 2,500 mm


max. 2,600 mm

Weight of Coil

max. 30 t

Size of Charge

1 - 8 strip coils


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