Chamber furnaces, specifically designed for the homogenization and stress-relieving of rolling slabs, find application in the production of hard alloys belonging to the 2xxx and 7xxx series, with a particular emphasis on aerospace applications. These furnaces play a crucial role in alleviating the elevated stresses induced in the slab during casting and cooling processes, thereby optimizing downstream processing.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Robust and reliable charging machines

  • Highly efficient self-regenerating high-speed burners

  • Optimized blowing systems

Homogenizing furnaces are meticulously crafted as directly gas-fired units, adhering to the exacting standards of the aerospace industry, including specifications such as AMS (Aerospace Material Specifications). OTTO JUNKER equipment is engineered to meet the stringent close temperature tolerances stipulated by AMS, even when confronted with varying batch heights. This achievement is attributed to the incorporation of proven and optimized blowing systems in our equipment.

Charging / discharging:

  • by rugged, dependable charging machines


  • by highly efficient self-recuperative high-velocity burners

Charge cooling:

  • zone-based, controlled and with accurately adjustable cooling ramps.


  • Loading and unloading stations
  • Cooling chambers
  • Charging machines


max. 8,000 mm


max. 2,000 mm


max. 600 mm


max. 600 mm

Slab Weight

max. 32 t


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