Chamber furnaces tailored for the heat treatment of aluminum foil coils are instrumental in the degreasing and annealing processes for foils of varying thicknesses. The annealing stage occurs in a selectable atmosphere, either air or nitrogen/protective gas. This choice aims to prevent brown oil stains, sticking, and oxidation of the film layers, ensuring a precise and high-quality treatment of the aluminum foil coils.

Benefits at a glance:

  • high flexibility

  • electrically heated

  • mass-flow pinciple

The annealing process is typically conducted in air, although a protective gas atmosphere is also employed to prevent oxidation and sticking of the foil layers.

OTTO JUNKER chamber furnaces are designed with exceptional flexibility, accommodating the processing needs of the thinnest and most delicate foils with slow heating rates, as well as thick foils like Finstock, requiring rapid heating and cooling rates.

Control requirements encompass both slow and maximum fast settings, all adhering to stringent temperature tolerances. Achieving the highest energy efficiency is imperative, considering insulation structure, heating and drive technology, and process control.

These furnaces can be heated either electrically or indirectly with gas, following the mass flow principle. OTTO JUNKER provides chamber furnaces tailored to meet specific foil requirements, offering optional features such as protective and purging gas preheating, inert gas recooling, charging machine or furnace wagon, TNV, carbon capture, and cooling chambers.

Separate cooling chambers dedicated to aluminum strip coils and foil rolls contribute to reduced processing times and enhanced system effectiveness. This results in shorter processing times and significantly lower energy consumption, emphasizing the efficiency of the entire system.


max. 2,400 mm


max. 2,000 mm


max. 10 t


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