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  • Coreless induction furnace

    Induction melting technology enables the efficient, CO2-neutral melting of metals with the shortest melting times and selectively controllable movement of the liquid melt.

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  • Pressurized pouring furnace

    This pressurized pouring furnace, equipped with a rod-and-nozzle stopper assembly, is perfectly suited for automatic sand casting lines where it ensures precise and virtually slag-free pouring.

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  • Channel type holding furnace

    These channel-type furnaces are highly efficient holding units for large quantities of molten metal. They can be used to decouple the casting and melting processes and provide operators the flexibility to maximize the use of off-peak electricity.

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  • Furnace for melting, holding, casting

    OTTO JUNKER, incorporating the brand name THERMCON, is a recognized entity in the domain of industrial furnace and plant construction. Distinguished as a global leader, the company specializes in the provision of advanced aluminum foundry technology, underscoring its prominence in the industry.

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  • INDUGA Induction Furnaces

    The subsidiary of OTTO JUNKER GmbH specializes in Channel melting furnaces, holding and casting furnaces for copper alloys and aluminum, automatic tilting casting device PUMA, steel strip coating furnaces, Plasma heating for ladles and casting tundishes.

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