Skimming machines

OTTO JUNKER skimming machines of THERMCON design prove highly effective tools in every casthouse operation. Replacing the primitive method of skimming by forklift with long rake attached to it, the THERMCON skimming machine performs this job much more efficiently and quickly.

All machine movements (e.g., floor travel, movements of the telescopic boom) are hydraulically powered. However, no part of the hydraulic system projects into the furnace.

The telescopic boom effectively minimizes the skimming machine's space requirements.


Further advantages:

  • Safety - the operator stands well protected in an operator cabin.
  • More sensitive control – the operator develops a perfect "feel" for each movement (up, down, forward, reverse, sideways swivelling movement) of the telescopic boom.
  • More efficient recovery - thanks to the enhanced control sensitivity, less free metal will be removed from the furnace along with the dross.
  • Force limiting devices limit the maximum forces acting on the furnace lining, thus minimizing damage to the lining (which may be substantial with forklift-based stirring).

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