Multichamber melting furnaces

Multichamber furnaces with integrated fume treatment facilities and heat recovery for preheating the charge material are supplied to the secondary aluminium industry.

The systems are suitable to recycle contaminated aluminium in an environmentally sound manner, meeting or exceeding the strictest clean air legislation even with respect to dioxin emissions.

Furnace melt rates can be up to 10 tons per hour, depending on charge mix and bath contents (typically between 50 and 130 tons of liquid metal).

Feedstock can be charged into this particular furnace type at three different points:

Ingot material intended to form the molten heel at start-up, for correction of alloys or to enhance the melting rate can be charged on the dry ramp in the heating chamber where the burners are installed. Baled or loose light-gauge scrap can be charged to the enclosed side well chamber. Small scrap pieces such as edge trimming or punch scrap, chips, etc. can be placed into the charge well.

Metal circulation between the chambers is achieved either by an electromagnetic pump or by a mechanical pump, depending on the given application and budget. Charging to the side well chamber can be effected by means of a special charging machine that seals entirely against the furnace so that no fumes can escape into the building whilst charging and all fumes are processed in the integrated offgas incinerator and then vented into open air via the fume filtration plant.

Twin chamber melting furnace

Twin chamber melting furnace

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