Molten metal launder systems

Launder systems are an essential part of any casthouse. Well designed launders contribute to a smooth and efficient casthouse operation where fast transfers between furnaces are of key importance. Clean, low-turbulence casting launders play a significant role in producing high quality products.

OTTO JUNKER has outstanding experience in designing and installing launder systems. This expertise is supported by the company's own proprietary software program for the design of open and closed launder systems, the use of the most advanced launder lining materials, and launder (pre-) heating technologies ranging from gas firing for transfer launders to electric heating for casting launders.

Launders are sized and rated to meet the required transfer and/or casting capacities. Features and accessories may include laser launder level control systems for (semi) automatic melt transfer and automatic casting operations, high-level metal probes for anti-spill safety, launder thermocouples for fine-tuning the molten metal temperature during casting, etc.


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