Hearth-type melting furnaces

OTTO JUNKER supplies a broad range of custom-designed melting furnaces for any production processes employed in the aluminium industry – from DC casting of rolling slabs, T-bars and extrusion billets, sheet or plate through to wire/rod making, conventional ingot casting lines, etc.

Dry-hearth furnace systems are a reliable solution for melting down ingots, sows and heavy scrap containing a free ferrous portion (e.g., automotive castings).

The iron content is reclaimed from the dry hearth once the aluminium scrap has molten down

  • Melting rates: 1 - 30 tonnes/hour
  • Capacities: 2 - 150 tonnes
  • Available burner systems:
    - ambient air burners
    - recuperative burners
    - regenerative burners
    - O2 burners

Design featueres:

  • Minimum energy consumption thanks to specific furnace design
  • Proven furnace pressure control system
  • Unique module doors
  • Door clamping system ensuring a perfect seal
  • Prefabricated door lintel refractory systems for low maintenance
Heart-type melting furnace

Heart-type melting furnace


  • Charging machines
  • Skimming machines
  • Electromagnetic stirrers
  • Porous plug systems
  • Siphon systems for charging liquid metal
  • Semi-automatic tapping systems for stationary furnaces
  • Laser-based launder level control system for automatic tilting furnaces

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