Charging machines for feedstock materials

OTTO JUNKER offers a wide range of ingot and scrap charging machines of THERMCON design. These systems contribute in a major way to the productivity and safety of any aluminium melting operation.

The charging time per batch is less than three minutes. Feedstock can be moved deep into the furnace so as to maximize the charging volume right from the start of the melting cycle.

Our charging machines are custom designed for use with existing or new furnaces and can be provided with very wide (7 meters+) and long containers to match virtually any furnace configuration.

Wide containers provide the advantage of allowing   extrusion scrap to be charged directly without any   prior cutting. The containers may be permanently attached to the machine or can be made exchange-able as part of the plant's scrap collection system, thus minimizing scrap handling operations.

Each machine is powered and operated fully hydraulically via its own hydraulic power pack.

Load cells and communication with a casthouse SCADA system can be included in the machine control system.


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