Line for the production of precision tube

The serial production of precision tubes with tolerance from ± 0.1 mm in machine quality requires not only a suitable continuous casting technology, but also one at the demands of the continuous casting arrangements co-ordinated melting and pouring technology. Belong to the demands for such a melting and pouring line:

  • Charging and melting of different raw material qualities
  • Providing of required metal amounts for several pouring lines
  • Pouring fournaces with exact temperature guidance during the whole pouring process
  • Possibility of a quick alloy change
  • Possibility of the quick moulds and format change
  • Guarantee of production security
  • Pouring of special alloys like aluminium  multi-component bronze

Our job was the concept and the construction of a melting and pouring line including charging machine for the supply of several vertical continuous casting plants.

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