Horizontal continuous casting of special copper-based alloys

The production of complex, horizontally cast special copper-based alloys demands a highly sophisticated continuous casting technology. Furthermore, a casting and holding furnace is required which is able to supply the melt under constant, defined conditions with exact temperature control over the whole casting time. For such applications, INDUGA offers the corresponding intelligent technology matched to the continuous casting requirements. These include in particular the possibility for maintaining a constant metallostatic pressure on the cast strand at all times in order to optimise the formation of the strand surface.

The casting furnace consists of three chambers which are heated by floor-mounted coreless inductor:

  • Chamber 1: Casting chamber with dedicated moulds
  • Chamber 2: Pressure chamber
  • Chamber 3: Charging chamber for recharging

The automatic control of the inert gas pressure in the middle chamber is designed so as to maintain a constant metal bath level in the casting chamber. With a given furnace size, the transfer intervals from the melting unit to the casting line can be extended. This makes the melting process more independent of the casting process, gives greater flexibility and saves investment costs.

Outstanding features of the furnace are:

  • A constant, defined filling level in the casting chamber which guarantees a constant, static pressure on the cast strand.
  • High bath level in the charging chamber; this improves the melt quality by reducing the fall height during recharging.
  • The closed design; it reduces the oxidation of the melt.
  • Use of a crucible-type inductor, thus expanding the application range for special alloys.
  • Drastic reduction in the dross volume and the metal losses.
  • Quick and simple mould changing.
  • Separation of the charging and casting chamber, thus reliably preventing inclusions.
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