Forehearth casting furnaces for vertical continuous casting

The production of vertically cast copper-based alloys demands not only a highly sophisticated continuous casting technology but also a casting and holding furnace is required which is able to supply a homogeneous melt under constant, defined conditions with exact temperature control over the whole casting time and with a technology tailored to the demands of continuous casting. The casting furnace consists of two chambers and a forehearth which are heated by an inductor integrated into the furnace vessel. The mobile casting furnace can be tilted hydraulically for production, mould changing and furnace discharge.

Outstanding features of the furnace are:

  • Metal charging through the tilting bearing
  • Good encapsulation against air ingress to minimise burn-off
  • Low energy consumption thanks to special furnace design
  • Good metal exchange between forehearth and charging chamber thanks to optimum inductor positioning
  • High temperature control precision
  • Stopper control for precise metering into the continuous casting mould

This furnace concept is characterised by a modular design which permits quick inductor changing or inductor relining.