Continuous chip melting

The continuous chip melting process from INDUGA minimises standstill times for charging, pouring and furnace cleaning and thus leads to a reduction in the process-specific operating costs. The INDUGA combination furnace for continuous melting of damp chips was specially developed for this process. It has a stirring coil to mix the chips into the melt and a high-power channel-type inductor for the actual melting and superheating. Compared with the proven discontinuous automatic chip melting process, continuous melting offers the following additional benefits:

  • Higher plant availability
  • Optimum utilisation of the furnace power
  • Minimum dross
  • Less furnace cleaning
  • Higher refractory service lives
  • Further reduction in energy consumption

Use of the continuous chip melting process is a further step towards increasing productivity and at the same time reducing costs.

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