Channel-type induction furnaces

Channel-type furnaces are used both for melting scraps and bulky charge material as well as for storing/holding various alloys and finally as heatable casting furnaces. The benefits of this furnace type are the high electro-thermal efficiency and good metal bath mixing which produces homogeneous alloys with a constant, uniform temperature.

Take a look at the following examples for information on the versatile, process-specific design and use of this furnace type:

  • Scrap melting in the chanel-type induction furnace
  • Storing of copper
  • Storage and casting furnace for continuous casting
  • Storing of gray cast iron
  • Storing of Al-Si alloys
  • Piece galvanising in the channel-type induction furnace
  • Strip galvanising in the channel-type induction furnace
  • Horizontal continuous casting
  • Resonant circuit converters
  • Vertical continous casting
  • Vertical continuous casting of precision tubes
  • Horizontal low-pressure casting
  • Casting of sanitary fittings
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