Casting furnaces for low-pressure casting with vertical mould filling

The production of low-pressure castings on a dedicated high-capacity moulding line demands a casting and holding furnace which is capable of supplying the melt under constant, defined conditions with exact temperature control over the whole casting time and with a technology tailored to the demands of the moulding line. INDUGA has developed a pressurised furnace for the new multi-pouring system process (MPS) which allows green sand moulds on automatic moulding lines to be filled with liquid metal from below using the low pressure principle.

Outstanding features of this furnace are:

  • Direct metering with pressure control
  • Variable filling characteristic
  • Completely hermetically sealed casting process
  • Clean metal transfer and minimisation of oxide and slag inclusions
  • Low energy consumption thanks to special furnace design
  • Simple furnace maintenance and low maintenance costs
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