Heat treatment lines for sand castings

Production flexibility

The modular concept is suitable for ramp up of production capacity according to the requirements.We can offer small batch solution heat treatment systems or continuous ovens - all depending on the customerĀ“s conditions.


The solution heat treatment programme includes

Batch concept

Batch solution heat treatment plants allow a very flexible production according to volumes and production recipes used.

Multi-chamber ovens

The batch concept includes multi-chamber ovens for heat treatment, movable water tanks for quenching, ageing ovens and air coolers. Transport to the different locations is made manually or automatically. Automatic handling minimizes damage and provides an exact production rate.

Investment advantages
In comparison with a continuous plant where the total investment cost is made from day one, the batch modular concept lets the investment volume follow the capacity needed. By following this formula, no extra investment is done and the investment pay-back time is kept to a minimum.

Continuous concept

When choosing the continuous solution heat treatment concept, the customerĀ“s production flow is often at a steady level with a minimum of production variation. The continuous heat treatment solution includes a tunnel oven for heat treatment and a cabin for water-spray quench or a tank for water-dip quench followed by in-line artificial ageing. Transport on chain conveyor or walking beam system.

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