Plants for aluminium and aluminium based alloys in shape casting foundries

Furnace Systems for Aluminium Castings and Forgings

OTTO JUNKER supplies all necessary heat treatment, melting and holding furnaces for the entire casting and forging workflow, including foundry, hot-rolling, cold-rolling and foil-rolling applications:


Our company is noted for its extensive operating experience in all heat treatment technologies required in the aluminium industry – from efficient pre-heating furnaces for forging applications to complete heat treatment lines for wheels, cylinder heads, engine blocks, suspension components, etc.

These systems are available either for fully automatic continuous operation or for discontinuous batch operation.

Cooperation with other furnace manufacturers is an option, depending on the furnace type.

All systems are developed, designed, delivered, installed and commissioned by OTTO JUNKER experts from the respective disciplines (sometimes jointly with our cooperation partners).

Furthermore, OTTO JUNKER builds all requisite ancillary equipment and handling systems for these furnaces, e.g., loading or unloading manipulators and conveyor systems.

The entire process responsibility rests with OTTO JUNKER's highly skilled specialists. For every product, we have an expert team covering all fields of specialization.

OTTO JUNKER is committed to the objective of supplying its customers with high-grade technology. Energy efficiency and environmental compatibility are among our first and foremost concerns, in addition to our ongoing pursuit of improvements in power consumption, process management and general equipment design.

All equipment types embody the latest state of the art, whether in flow management, heating technology, enclosure design and mechanical engineering. For the customer, these benefits translate into high plant availability and low maintenance and operating costs – needless to say, in conjunction with low energy consumption and ultra-close temperature tolerances.


Advanced simulation methods are used to maximize the heat transfer and temperature uniformity levels while reducing flow losses. Our clients will thus benefit from reliable, long-lived equipment based on rugged and dependable OTTO JUNKER design.

Following their successful engineering, mechanical and flow model validation, new technologies are subjected to hot and cold trials in the test-bay before being refined and progressed to production maturity.

Numeric flow modelling aimed at achieving absolute temperature homogeneity in practice

After-sales service

OTTO JUNKER's after-sales departments rely on experienced installation supervisors, electricians and software specialists trained for worldwide on-site assignments.

Apart from the supply of spare parts and classic support services such as the inspection and maintenance of existing installations, our range includes equipment overhauls, upgrades and revamps. Such conversions are carried out following a detailed review aimed at boosting performance, modifying functionalities and improving the energy efficiency of your system. Each project will be successfully completed within the shortest possible shutdown time.