Pusher furnaces for preheating and homogenizing slabs prior to hot rolling

Pusher furnace systems are perfect, in terms of energy use and flow management, for preheating and homogenizing milled slabs prior to hot rolling. Their fully automatic operation, electronic functional interfacing with the hot rolling train and minimized energy consumption confirm the benefits of OTTO JUNKER's high convection technology embodied in this equipment type.
The furnaces are built either as a single standalone system or in parallel arrangements of multiple units. Complex charging and discharging machines can thus serve several furnaces, with all associated investment cost benefits.

All machines and furnace components are optimized for the given process and incorporate OTTO JUNKER's standards of rugged design.


  • Single or dual row charging, depending on slab size
  • Flexible charging of differently sized slabs
  • High convection technology for fast heating and cooling
  • Highly efficient self-recuperative high velocity burners
  • Temperature control based on metal temperature and numeric model data
  • Heating and cooling without off-temperature currents by uniform introduction of heat flows into the recirculating furnace atmosphere
  • Long-life low-friction skid systems ensuring a reliable and smooth slab transport



  • Automatic centering tables
  • Slab buffers
  • Cross-transfer car for charging multiple furnaces operating in a parallel layout
  • Single- and dual-row upenders
  • Pusher devices



  • Extractor systems
  • Cross-transfer car for unloading multiple furnaces operating in a parallel layout
  • Downender for placing slabs on the rolling mill feed table
  • Skid shoe return conveyor, adaptable to the specific application



Energy savings: the SLE Pusher Furnace ®

With this furnace type, the energy loss incurred through the furnace doors during charging / discharging operations is reduced by a factor of 5 to 10, depending on the application. As a result, the total energy requirement for these systems decreases by around 3%. OTTO JUNKER believes that the overall consumption can be cut by a two-digit percentage by combining this furnace with a slab preheater. We would be glad to present this equipment configuration to you in person and to conduct an estimate of the advantages for your specific application.

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