Chamber furnaces for stress-relieving and homogenizing rolling slabs

Chamber furnaces for homogenizing and stress-relieving rolling slabs are used in producing hard alloys of the 2xxx and 7xxx series, especially for aerospace applications. The high stresses created in the slab by casting and cooling must be reduced to facilitate downstream processing.

Homogenizing furnaces are typically designed as a directly gas-fired unit. Consistent with the demands of rolled product users, these systems are built to aerospace industry (e.g., AMS) specifications and standards.

OTTO JUNKER equipment meets AMS-imposed close temperature tolerances even with varying batch heights, thanks to the use of proven, optimized blowing systems.

Charging / discharging:

  • by rugged, dependable charging machines


  • by highly efficient self-recuperative high-velocity burners

Charge cooling:

  • zone-based, controlled and with accurately adjustable cooling ramps.

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