Chamber furnaces and cooling chambers for heat treatment of aluminium foil coils

Application case:

Degreasing and final annealing of ultra-thin to heavy-gauge foil, wound on large or narrow coils.

The annealing atmosphere can be selected (air or nitrogen/protective gas) to prevent brown discoloration due to oil stains, sticking or oxidation of foil layers.

OTTO JUNKER foil annealing furnaces are highly flexible to support both slow heating of ultra-thin, sensitive foil and maximum heating / cooling rates for heavy-gauge material (e.g., finstock). The control system is required to handle controlled slow and very fast heating modes with ultra-close temperature tolerances.

Maximum energy efficiency in terms of the insulation structure, heating and drive system efficiency and overall process management are mandatory features.

OTTO JUNKER supplies the optimum solution for any foil annealing furnace specification.

Optional extras:

  • Offgas incinerator
  • Protective gas / purging gas preheating
  • Coil model control of the furnace campaign
  • Carbon detection
  • Indirect recooling system for gentle cool-down of the atmosphere
  • Direct recooling with fresh air
  • Cooling chambers

Separate cooling chambers for aluminium strip and foil coils shorten the coil residence time in the furnace.  This reduces the cooling time and improves the overall system efficiency. The user will thus benefit from short cycle times and considerable energy savings.

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