Chamber furnace for homogenizing of billets / logs

OTTO JUNKER batch-type homogenizing furnaces for extrusion billets can homogenize a wide range of billet sizes to very close temperature tolerances. Batch-type homogenizing furnaces provide the necessary flexibility wherever billets are produced in many different diameters and alloys.

The furnaces together with the charging machine operate semi-automatically. Control is effected by PLC systems with HMI interfaces that allow control of the process via menus for each size and alloy plus additional custom-designed menus. Thus, each batch can be treated in accordance with the special requirements of individual customers or for specific end-products.

In-furnace cooling can be integrated in the homogenizing furnace to allow initial cooling down of the  billets in line with the metallurgical requirements for optimum characteristics of the homogenized end product.

Heating can be by gas, light fuel oil or electrical energy. Gas and oil heating systems may be based on direct firing or radiant tube burners.

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