Handling Equipment - Magazines


Magazines serve to store billets or logs for use in production. The choice of the appropriate magazine for a given application depends on a mix of factors. Today, it has become standard practice to provide tracking, recording and archiving of all production data. All OTTO JUNKER magazines therefore come with a material data management capability. The production data of incoming billets or logs are entered either manually or automatically by means of a bar code reader. This information ensures, e.g., that the program will adjust the setpoints (temperatures, lengths, etc.) as required for the relevant equipment (furnace, saw, etc.) throughout the process. Actual values are then added and the information for each billet is transmitted to the extrusion press in the form of a standardized data record.

Vertical magazine

  • space saving storage of logs
  • alloy-sorting possible
  • restocking after job changes possible 

Chain magazine

  • either upstream of the vertical magazine
  • or for direct loading on the feeding device
  • optimum log orientation is provided by individual drives 

Pallet magazine

  • loading by forklift or crane
  • positioning for loading/unloading by means of a pallet changer
  • unloading by head-on gripper 

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