Cold saw, hot saw

If logs are used, these must be sawn or sheared accurately into billets meeting the requisite specifications of the extrusion press. This cut-to-length operation may be carried out in the cold or heated state. From a cost-efficiency aspect the 'park cut' system merits special attention. It largely avoids odd ends, if the use of split billets is permitted, regardless of whether cutting is performed with a cold saw, hot saw or hot shear. Moreover, all units come with an adjustable fixed stop and clamping systems to ensure exact billet lengths with minimum angle error.

Cold and hot saw

  • Thin-gauge saw blades designed for high cutting speed and durability
  • Sturdy design permits high-speed cutting
  • Adjustable fixed stop for accurate length measurement
  • Available with extraction and swarf briquetting system
  • Hot saw is typically used after a gas fired heater
  • Cold saw is typically used before an induction heater.  This solution provides maximum flexibility.
Cold and hot saw

Billet or log washer

For cleaning of billets or logs, OTTO JUNKER offers a high-pressure washing system. It uses a closed-loop water circuit with integral filter system to protect the environment while minimizing operating costs. The high-pressure washer features an air wiper to prevent any carryover of water into the downstream process.

Billet or log washer

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