Strip galvanizing

Ceramic-lined, induction heated vessels are the ideal solution for coating steel strip with zinc, galvannealed, galfan or Galvalume using the hot-dip process, as they offer:

  • A flexible choice of coating temperature
  • An optimised quality of the coating
  • A cost-effective method of operation

INDUGA supplies both stationary and mobile plants with the number and arrangement of the inductors being selected such that homogeneous and precise temperature control is guaranteed even in large vessels. In addition, the power of the inductors is designed such that coating material consumed during the galvanizing process can be recharged. For Galvalume coating lines we offer integrated melting and coating furnaces as well as separated ones. The premelting furnace can be stationary or tiltable. Depending on the application both coreless and channel-type furnaces are available. Our furnaces are equipped with a bath temperature control system which automatically adjusts the inductor power. For bath level control we supply well proven sensor systems. Besides that we offer the IRIS system, a very reliable inductor refractory inspection system.


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