Meduim-frequency coreless induction furnaces

Medium-frequency coreless induction furnaces for copper and brass are designed to meet the needs of the semi-finished products industry. The continuous feeding of continuous casting lines requires precisely dosed pouring of the liquid metal over an extended period, achieved ideally with high-resolution tilting systems.

Coil with OCP

Executed as special application, the arrangement of the pouring and filling systems in the tilting bearing and a gas-tight furnace design for optimum atmosphere control support the production of particularly high-grade copper alloys.


Our MF furnaces are available with Multi Frequency Control and Power Focus Technology to optimize the bath movement in brass chip melting operations.

Metals and alloysHigh-power melting furnaces for
CopperHorizontal and vertical continuous casting lines
BrassMould casting and centrifugal casting
BronzeChip recycling applications
ZincControlled atmosphere or vacuum options
Precious metals
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