Channel-type induction furnace for melting (zinc)

In a channel-type unit, the inductor(s) can be fitted at the bottom and/or at the sides of the furnace. This gives virtually unlimited options in furnace vessel design, in addition to outstanding compatibility with siphon solutions. Furthermore, the energy savings achieved by channel-type furnaces in copper melting environments compared to coreless furnaces are almost 100 kWh/t.

Channel-type induction furnacess are used in processes involving

  • low power densities
  • large furnace capacity
  • bulky charge materials (cathodes, etc.)
  • high pouring weights
  • continuous operating regimes

Advantages of the channel-type furnace

  • geometrical design versatility
  • simple siphon and forehearth integration
  • provision of separate chambers
  • pressure-tight design options

The furnace vessel may be crucible, drum or trough shaped. Heating is achieved via vertical, slanted or (rarely) horizontal channel inductors which are now usually designed in the form of double-loop W-type channels to meet growing power needs. Coreless inductors are employed in rare cases only.

Through many years of experience and extensive numeric modelling, our high-power W-inductors have been optimized to provide the following characteristics:

  • Improved heat transfer between inductor and furnace vessel
  • Avoidance of locally excessive flow in the channel legs which might give rise to refractory erosion
  • Minimization of power losses in the inductor and general reduction of energy consumption levels
  • Minimum risk of melt flow impairment (melt "pinching" in the channel in part-load operation)
  • Easy replacement, repair and maintenance

The resulting series of high-power inductors combines a very high electrical efficiency with long refractory life and superior operating reliability. The available power range from 300 to 2,000 kW (and up to 2,400 kW for brass) provides the requisite flexibility in selecting the most suitable equipment size for a given melting rate and furnace type.

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