Pouring devices for cast iron

The OTTO JUNKER pouring furnace, type RGD/UGD, is made up of the cylindrical furnace vessel with siphon-like filling gate and pouring spout and stopper mechanism.

The unit may be of either heated or unheated design.

Unheated types can be converted to heating at any time later by retrofitting a channel-type inductor.

The filling gate and pouring spout may be arranged at a 90° or 180° angle relative to each other. The vessel can be tilted hydraulically about the filling gate for emptying. It is thus possible to pour different alloys from a single vessel. For filling mould sprue cups at different positions, the furnace base frame is mounted on a double carriage which enables the unit to travel along and across the mould line.

Pouring into the mould takes place with constant metal level by pressurization control using the pouring stopper-nozzle principle.

Technical features/applicationsEconomical advantages
Availability of ready-to-cast iron on the mould line Reduced rate of rejects
Holding of molten iron at constant pouring temperature No residual iron and improved ladle economy
Slag-free pouring of iron (stopper-nozzle principle) Increased production thanks to better utilization of moulding machine
Dosing of the iron entering the mould Casting operation is made independent of the melting shop
Automation of the pouring process (Teach-In and camera control) Savings in labour cost
Easing the job of the operating personnel Improvement of workplace conditions
Improvement of metal quality  
Very good repeatability of pours  
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