Channel-type induction holding furnaces

The OTTO JUNKER channel-type induction furnace is used where liquid metal must be held, stored, superheated or poured in large quantities.

Moreover, a large holding furnace can be used to equalize the carbon concentrations of different melts from a cupola.


It is the perfect answer to any of the following requirements:

  • meet varying molten metal demands of the mould line
  • provide permanent supply of molten metal with maximum utilization of the melting plant
  • ensure utilization of low night-time power tariff for electric melting

Essential benefits of the channel-type induction furnace

  • Separate filling and pouring siphons
  • Furnace filling and pouring operations may proceed at the same time
  • No ingress of atmospheric oxygen, i.e., slag formation is reliably prevented
  • Quickly replaceable, water-cooled inductors with directed flow are available with:
    • single loop up to 1,200 kW
    • double loop up to 2,800 kW
  • Space-saving design of switchgear and control equipment relying on mains-frequency or advanced IGBT frequency converter technology
  • Additional backward tilting feature facilitates slag removal from the bath surface
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