Determine all problems impartially, find a solution through joint academic and industrial enterprise, and deliver the result to the customer in the form of quality products.

This motto of our company's founder, Dr.-Ing. h.c. Otto Junker, applies more than ever today.

However, achieving this goal  necessarily involves a number of success factors.

First and foremost among these is our workforce - about 450 skilled, experienced and  highly motivated  employees, plus about 25 technical and commercial apprentices each year, who excel at their diverse duties and share a commitment to the guiding principle established by the company's founder.

At Otto Junker, product and equipment requirements are identified side by side with the customer, always with a view to attaining the desired final product quality. The vast stocks of experience accumulated by the plant operator and equipment manufacturer are thus combined to achieve a tailor-made solution. We also cooperate closely with the customer in reviewing existing installations for performance, energy efficiency and other improvement potentials.

Furthermore, OTTO JUNKER has efficient in-house R & D capabilities which allow us to address all aspects of industrial furnace engineering. Our proximity to RWTH, the Technical University of Aachen, gives us access to extensive expertise and enables us to engage in joint research projects. The insights thus gained will then find their way into innovative solutions implemented in specific industrial furnace projects.

The quality of the end product is our measure of success.