OTTO JUNKER foundation / RWTH Aachen


奥托容克基金会(Otto Junker Foundation)的唯一受益人是亚琛工业大学(RTWH),创始人一生都与之密切相关。自80年代中期开始资助计划以来,基金会已向亚琛大学提供了1500万欧元的资金,用于100多个研究项目。基金会根据其章程规定,对年轻科学家的工作和事业方面也提供了很多支持。公司平均每年会将10,000欧元用于奖学金的发放。时至今日,奥托容克基金会(Otto Junker foundation)已是亚琛工业大学(RWTH)的主要资助人之一。

奥托容克基金会(Otto Junker Foundation)每年向亚琛工业大学(RWTH)毕业生颁发奥托容克奖(OTTO JUNKER award),以表彰获奖者杰出的学术成就,如今这个奖项已发展成为一个显着的荣誉标志,获得的声誉远远超出大学所在地理区域的范围。



When Dr.-Ing. h.c. OTTO JUNKER died childless in 1982, the Foundation - as his universal heir - inherited not merely his substantial liquid assets but also a 100% share in the OTTO JUNKER company.

The sole beneficiary of the Otto Junker Foundation is the Technical University of Aachen (RTWH), to which the founder felt closely related throughout his life. Since the start of its sponsorship programme in the mid-80s, the Foundation has made available more than € 15 million to the University of Aachen for over 100 research projects. Consistent with its charter mandate, the Foundation has also done much to promote the work and careers of young scientists. Every year, an average € 10,000 are spent on scholarships. The Otto Junker foundation thus ranks among RWTH's leading sponsors today.

The OTTO JUNKER Awards, conferred annually by the Otto Junker Foundation to RWTH graduates in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and degree work, have evolved into a noted mark of distinction and gained renown far beyond the confines of the university's immediate geographic region.

Summarizing the Foundation's sponsorship activities today, it can be stated unreservedly that Dr.-Ing. h.c. OTTO JUNKER's wish to provide lasting support to research and science has been, and will continue to be, fulfilled with determination and success.