Friday, 9. March 2018

Otto Junker Symposium in Hangzhou

Induction Melting and Pouring Technology

Otto Junker Symposium of Induction Melting and Pouring Technology in Hangzhou

Otto Junker Metallurgical Equipment (Shanghai) Ltd. (JMS), as the wholly-owned subsidiary of Otto Junker GmbH, is trying to get into a tradition to hold a symposium at the beginning of every second year. 

This year the Otto Junker symposium “Induction Melting and Pouring Technology” was held in Hangzhou near Shanghai.

Superbly organized by our Chinese subsidiary, the event kicked off with a welcome reception the evening before. This provided the opportunity to exchange information with customers who had come from all over the country. In total, 27 delegates from 13 companies attended, mainly foundries and factories manufacturing semi-finished products in the cast iron, steel, copper and aluminum industries. Mr. Yin Fei, CEO of JMS, and Mr. Thomas Voss, Vice President I Foundry Plants, opened the event with a general presentation of the company. (Photo)

This was followed by a talk given by Dr. Wilfried Schmitz (Research & Development I Foundry Plants) on the basics of inductive melting. Thanks to the excellent translation work of our Chinese colleagues, customers were able to gain an insight into this rather complex topic, as proved by the numerous in-depth questions raised by the attendees. In a second talk, Mr. Jörg Andrejewski, Senior Sales Manager of China, presented the “German Foundry Standard (GFS)” melting furnace program, explaining in detail the benefit of this product series for customers. After a midday break with lunch, which was well-used for discussions with customers, Dr. Wilfried Schmitz opened the afternoon session with a presentation on innovations in the design of induction melting furnaces. Topics centered on aspects such as “special circuit configurations for specific control of inductive bath movement” through “improving energy efficiency” right up to “safety equipment for coreless induction furnaces”. Afterwards, Mr. Thomas Voss addressed the broad subject of “automated pouring”. A focus was placed on the innovative ladle pouring systems from our subsidiary Induga GmbH & Co. KG. Lastly, Mr. Sebastian Esser, Sales Engineer at Induga, rounded off the series of talks with a presentation on the wide range of special customized melting and pouring plants.

The event finished off with a tastefully-arranged conference dinner, which was intensely used again to establish in-depth contacts with customers. The whole event can be viewed as being a complete success and a follow-up event in two years’ time has already been fixed.

Otto Junker is the global technology and system partner for thermal processes of the aluminium, copper, semi-finished products and foundry industry as well as a European supplier of special stainless steel castings. It has some 700 employees at 5 locations who generate worldwide sales of more than EUR 150 million. Sole owner of Otto Junker Group is the Otto Junker Foundation.

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