Friday, 2. November 2018

OTTO JUNKER launches its first mobile application

Searching through manuals is a thing of the past.


Already, in many renowned extrusion plants the JunkerDynamicHeater®- MC (JuDy) has evolved into something like a gold standard. 

Wherever extrusion billets need to be heated to the metal forming temperature in a reliable and energy-efficient manner with maximum temperature accuracy, the JunkerDynamicHeater® - MC delivers convincing performance. Customers all over the world appreciate especially the flexibility achieved by OTTO JUNKER GmbH in optimizing this system for each application situation. 
Progress, however, means making a proven product even better: JuDyi4.0, the web-based mobile application, will render this heating process more transparent and still more productive in the future – for the benefit of the user.

What is JuDyi4.0?

The use of anticipatory mathematical models to boost productivity and energy efficiency is already state-of-the-art in the design of OTTO JUNKER GmbH‘s thermoprocessing equipment. Thus, JuDyi4.0 is another footstep to the digital future for OTTO JUNKER GmbH.

It doesn‘t matter whether the app is installed on a smartphone or tablet PC:

based on a complete system overview, JuDyi4.0 will show current process data or historical data in the form of a daily, weekly or monthly record. Anytime. Anywhere.

Selected components are tagged with QR codes. Focusing the camera on the code will identify the component. Descriptions, bills of material, drawings – all information is thus available at a glance. Searching through manuals is a thing of the past.

Do you need assistance during maintenance or repairs? Do you have to train new personnel?

For these purposes, video tutorials are included which teach the user step-by-step, e.g., how to change thermocouples and prepare them for re-use. The time when this operation is due will likewise be recommended by JuDyi4.0 based on an intelligent analysis of measured values. Should more detailed issues arise, an e-mail can be sent directly out of JuDyi4.0 to the appropriate specialist at OTTO JUNKER GmbH.

Where will the data be stored?

Data security is our top priority. To comply with individual security needs or corporate policies,  JuDyi4.0 provides a number of different options. 

OTTO JUNKER GmbH offers to collect and analyze data on customer‘s behalf, which will enable us to develop improvement suggestions optimally tailored to a given operating situation. It is also possible to install the application and databases on the customer‘s own server. In this case, the link between the JunkerDynamicHeater® - MC and the JuDyi4.0 app will be established via Ethernet, for example. No unauthorized access from outside is possible here. And finally, it is be possible to install a local PC with WLAN in the direct vicinity of the JunkerDynamic-Heater® - MC. Even in this configuration the app will be fully functional, albeit only in the local WLAN range.
JuDyi4.0 is designed to be easily retrofittable on existing equipment in standard cases. Moreover, work has already begun to add more functions in a step-by-step process and to fit other products – for example, the medium frequency coreless induction furnace – with the app as well.
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  • Dr. Günter Valder