Tuesday, 26. July 2016

OTTO JUNKER NEWS - Volume 26 - June 2016


  • Statement of the Management
  • OTTO JUNKER's branch office in Tehran
  • 20th Anniversary - DOORS OPEN DAY
  • JMS Symposium 2016 in Chengdu
  • OTTO JUNKER Academy

High grade steel foundry

  • Contract for the core assembly of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner

Cast iron & steel

  • Stefanie Bischof, Head of Melting Operations at ERGOCAST, and her "lads" - Not afraid of challenges
  • Russian company Magnitogorsk Plant Rolls has ordered additional melting furnaces

Light metal

  • Constellium Extrusion Děčín s.r.o. opfs for improved energy efficiency - Conversion of all induction furnaces to power-saving coils
  • Quenching - New answer to higher process requirements

Heavy metal

  • Modernization and performance upgrades of vertical furnaces
  • New INDUGA series - low-pressure die casting system delivered to customers in Indonesia and China