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OTTO JUNKER Academy - Progress through knowledge

UPDATING: The dates for 2024 are mentioned below.

Objectives of the OTTO JUNKER Academy

Employee skill standards for the planning, operation and maintenance of industrial furnaces in metallurgy have changed rapidly in recent years as processes grew in complexity and the design and execution of equipment became more challenging. 

For personnel to stay abreast of today's demands the OTTO JUNKER Academy was established at the end of 2014 with the aim of conveying knowledge and experience in planning and upgrading as well as in the operation, maintenance and repair of industrial furnace equipment.

The seminars focus on cost effectiveness, reliability, energy efficiency and safety.

Using scale models, demonstration equipment and trial facilities, application-focused instruction is administered 'by practicians for practicians'.

The OTTO JUNKER Academy is aimed at serving managers and staff of the respective manufacturing, maintenance and investment planning departments. It is intended to provide both advanced training to proven employees and basic training to newly hired staff.

Advanced practical training

Given the technical and technological differences involved, our seminars are offered, in German and English, in two separate categories:

  • Foundry Plants - melting and pouring equipment and
  • Thermoprocessing Plants - heat treatment equipment

The courses are made up of separate modules which can be combined into an individualized training program. We will gladly provide recommendations regarding the allocation of the respective modules to staff members from the diverse disciplines such as investment planning, maintenance and repairs as well as operation.

All events are organized and carried out by OTTO JUNKER GmbH. The trainers are experienced experts from within our organization. Instructors from specific practical fields or from the academic sector may be called in as the need arises.

Successful course completion at the Academy will be attested by a certificate.

Enrolment conditions

Registrations will be processed in the order in which they are received.

The closing date for registrations is four weeks before the start of each seminar. To register for a seminar, please use the attached form.

A written registration acknowledgement / invoice will be sent to you about two weeks before the start of the seminar. Along with this confirmation you will also receive the seminar details.

Participation is contingent on evidence of payment of the seminar fee.

Enrolment may be cancelled, with refund of the fee, until 10 days before the start of the seminar.

Attendance by a substitute in place of a registered participant is possible at any time.

Attendance fee

The seminar fee shall be EUR 299.-- plus VAT from 2024 per person and seminar, irrespective of the number of modules booked.

For organizational reasons, it is not possible to combine modules from the seminars on induction melting and thermoprocessing equipment.

Included in the attendance fee is the cost of meals during the seminar, seminar documentation, the attendance certificate as well as a dinner.

Participants needing hotel accommodation will find a number of recommendations at our website. Please note that room costs will be for your account and will be payable at the time of your departure from the hotel.

Preliminary Seminar Program

Since 2015, the OTTO JUNKER Academy hold seminars twice annually (spring / autumn) at the OTTO JUNKER GmbH site in Lammersdorf - at normal circumstances.

You can register your interest in participating for 2023 now.

Modules for Foundry Plants

  • Fundamentals of induction melting
    • Physical fundamentals, coreless furnace and channel-type furnace
    • Operating mode, application area and main components
  • State of the art in induction furnace manufacturing
    • Furnace mechanics and hydraulics
    • Water recooling system including heat recovery
    • Charge make-up and charging
    • Crucible ejection, vacuum induction furnace
  • Frequency converter technology including IGBT and power supply systems
  • Innovative applications and crucible monitoring systems (OCP)
  • Refractories
  • Maintenance and operation
    • Energy-efficiency melting and charging
    • Risks with liquid melt
  • Live melting
    • Efficient work with an melting processor
    • Repair training thyristor / IGBT
    • Earth fault monitoring and crucible damage
    • Debugging


Seminars in 2024:
April 15-17, 2024 in German
October 28-30, 2024 in English


  • Monika Mertgens
    +49 2473 601-525
    +49 2473 601-697
    Jaegerhausstr. 22
    D - 52152 Simmerath-Lammersdorf